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Paint Correction Options & Descriptions

Two-Step Polish

Audi RS3 paint correction at New Image I

Level 2 

Paint Correction


Many light swirl marks and minor scratches can be removed.  Dull, hazy lifeless finishes, can be restored. Baked on water spots or mineral deposits can be eradicated.

Scroll thru slide show for process details and recommended protection upgrades.

Level 2

Paint Correction

A Level 2 or dual stage paint correction is best decided upon after an in person consultation.  A paint correction assessment with a high beam light and full vehicle walk around will be done to note and determine the paint condition and level of correction needed.

A dual stage paint correction can eliminate light swirls/scratches, oxidation and dull and hazy paintwork that has been damaged over the years by poor washing techniques, or improper use of bad car care chemicals.. 

The first step polishing stage is done with a cut compound, polishing/cutting pad and machine to move 80-90% of defects.  

The second step is a milder pass to refine the paint finish and give that ultra glossy 'jewel' like finish.

All plastic, chrome and rubber moldings are taped off prior to buffing / polishing.  

80 - 90% defect removal.

Starting Retail Price: $750 - $1000


Time Taken: 2 - 2.5 days

Full Process

  • Wheels cleaned; front facing, behind-spokes and inner-rim.

  • Wheel arches flushed.

  • Exterior wash process using a foam cannon followed by a two bucket wash system and pH neutral shampoo/foam.

  • Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated.

  • Full vehicle clay bar to remove any remaining surface contaminants.

  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush, ultra soft microfibre drying towels.

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips. 

  • Plastic trim, chrome, moldings taped or removed for protection and aid machine polishing stage.

  • Scratches, oxidation, swirls and blemishes removed via machine.

  • Second machine polish set to restore , refine and bring back the jewel like shine.

  • Vehicle re-washed to remove dust created from paint correction stage.

  • Single layer of paint sealant applied.  Or multiple layers of ceramic coating for additional price for a more durable longer lasting protective and hydrophobic gloss.

  • Glass cleaned throughout.

  • Trim/britework/tires dressed and polished as necessary including tailpipes.

Recommended Protection Upgrades

A Paint Protection Film Package to protect your rejuvenated paint finish.

Ceramic Coatings protection adds additional layer against surface scratches and swirl marks. Prohibits water spotting and dirt accumulation.

Wheel protection: 

On Car - faces only $200-$300

Off-Car - wheel faces and barrels/calipers $300

Window Coating and Rain Repellent:


New Image Paint Protection Care Care Kit:

$125 + tax

Includes: 5 Gal wash bucket, Gamma Seal and Lid, Grit Guard, Microfiber Wash Mitt, pH neutral GWash soap, large microfiber drying towel, C2 6 mos. spray on liquid sealant, 2 microfiber detailing towels. 

We're happy to talk you thru the best methods for hand washing and after care.

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