Tesla Vehicle Paint - Why & How to Protect Your Investment

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Tesla vehicles seem to be the ongoing front runners when it comes to EV's (electric vehicles) and a hot trend still trending strong with 2020 publications stating the company as the 'U.S. Most Valuable Carmaker'. With their all electric power train, all-wheel drive, and impressive 0-60 mph stats, it is hard to ignore all that the e-car company has to offer. However, as a soon to be new Tesla Model 3 owner myself, the Tesla forum's buzz about paint thinness and softness has flagged my attention.

Tesla's specific Model 3 reviews concerning the paint integrity, or lack thereof, was pinpointed even further to certain body panels on the car. According to thickness and hardness tests, the overall readings came back poorly and controversy sparked over the easily worn paint. Furthermore on top of broad reviews concerning the paint issues, the Model 3's wheel offset within the wheel arch was reported to pre-dispose the model to extensive paint damage on "the rear of the fender arches, the skirtings, the lower parts of the doors and the front... and the rear of the rear wheel arches," (Finnish Tesla Model 3 Inspection Reveals Soft, Thin, Under-Spec Paint - The Drive.com). All this with more relativity to owners located within cold weather climates and their additional exposure to hard snow, ice, and road salts.

One other bias to the Model 3's paint issues on the rear wheel arches and lower fenders, was theorized due to the factory vehicle not coming equipped with mud flaps. Which for arguments sake, could potentially cause more air resistance and reduce the travel range of the vehicle.

Tesla's nod to us consumers was to begin roll out of a do-it-yourself "All-Weather Protection Kit", including a small strip of paint protection film and set of mud flaps or splash guards. The do-it-yourself instructions (if you're brave enough) are attainable on their website. And as a self proclaimed DIY-er I can appreciate Tesla's concession. However, the small strip hardly covers all of the potential impact areas and what about the rest of the vehicle?!

This manufacturing flaw may seem minor to some Tesla owners, but with the increasing popularity and influx in supply partnered with a poignant focus towards retention value, it seems pertinent now more than ever to paint protect with a more all encompassing paint protection film package. Or consider the latter, which is to take your chances, do it yourself, or install mud flaps and splash guards that may likely reduce your range.

I'm planning to do the full PPF (paint protection film) gamut of protection on my Model 3 once it lands. There are several great ranges of protection packages for Tesla car coverage; Partial, Full Front and Track Packages. But because I also want to visually transform the exterior pearl white paint finish to a satin matte finish, I'll be installing full vehicle Prestige Satin Guard film. Protection and esthetic enhancement coupled together, will allow me to cruise around with a piece of mind. I will do my best to vlog the process via our New Image PPF You Tube Channel, with details of the customized install, as well as the Prestige film benefits. Get protected and stay tuned!

Read more about how we choose to support Colorado Tesla owners - https://www.newimageppf.com/tesla-paint-protection

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