Proactive Vehicle Paint Protection Measures & What's the Next Step?

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the air is warming and the roads are calling. Many car enthusiast are pulling their Sunday drivers out of hiding and are eager to get out of the house for some fresh air. But, are "pumping the brakes" so to speak, to get protection on their vehicles first.

There are also those that utilize their vehicles as more of a daily driver, and are realizing they want to protect and maintain the value of their investments from rock chips and road debris.

Recent automobile industry market stimulation efforts have also been a current draw for some consumers to jump onto the opportunity of taking advantage of aggressive new car deals.

With all this spring "car talk", it is a smart and poignant time for us to offer a proactive friendly reminder and emphasize a few reasons to not hesitate with your vehicle protection package scheduling.

Why is paint protection film necessary for my vehicle?

Simply put, paint protection film (PPF) offers a proprietary self-healing and water resistant hydrophobic top coat. Which means, a protective nearly invisible layer of clear film that shields the vehicle's paint finish from scratches, marring, rock chips, and road debris. The self-healing properties of select films, means that surface scratches and marring virtually repair themselves via heat from the engine or sun. PPF film also prohibits water spots and dirt accumulation from the surface of the film and vehicle.

Aside from the basic protection benefits of PPF to your vehicle, some owner's also add ceramic coatings as a secondary line of defense. Ceramic coating mimics some of the same hydrophobic and self-cleaning effects thru its liquid glass top coat.

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Glass like ceramic coating barrier creates a deeper paint shine and spectacular reflection!

If you are one who takes pride in the showmanship of your vehicle, then you may be a candidate to consider this service option. As it enhances the appearance and depth of shine by up to 40%.

See for example the gloss and shine that lusters and brings out the metallic paint finish on this Porsche Carrera 4S. (full vehicle image above)

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Protect your interior vehicle assets with window tint!

Lastly, an all encompassing protection package often times includes window tint. In carrying forward the idea of protecting your vehicle on the exterior, why not protect passengers and driver's on the interior?

Owning a car with window tint not only helps passengers stay cooler but also protects them from 99% of harmful UV Rays. Window Tint increases heat and infrared rejection. Metal free film even means no interference between GPS navigation units, cell phones, satellite radio, or other electronic devices within a vehicle. Perfect for keeping everyone happy and comfortable on long summer road trips.

So, what's the next step? Take the proactive protection initiative and schedule your vehicle's paint protection package by reaching out to us via e-mail or phone. Paint protection packages may be individually customized or catered to best suit your vehicle assets.

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