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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

As self proclaimed automotive enthusiasts, the "visceral experience" as described by the owner regarding his Porsche Carrera GT, was our inherently shared feeling while blessed with it's presence at our facility. Understandably, the owner of this limited production car (1270 to be exact between 2003 - 2007) wanted the highest level of protection and installation quality he could obtain. Thus, this rare bird of a supercar was enclosed trailer shipped to us from over 800 miles away.

Broadly generalizing most car owners will call on our paint protection film installation services to protect the paint finish, the appearance, and overall value of their vehicle. Rock chips and road debris rash can not only be unsightly, but also significantly reduce the vehicle's value. An imperative consideration on such an extraordinary caliber collector vehicle, which boasts a full carbon fibre monocoque and the risk for astronomically expensive surface repainting.

This post is long overdue, yet still a relevant portrayal encompassing our standards of paint protection services. We'll detail the coverage aspects of this particular Porsche Carrera GT project and offer a glimpse into a collector's grade level of protection.

Porsche Carrera GT at New Image Paint Protection
Porsche Carrera GT at New Image Paint Protection - Photo Credit Tori.Enyart.Media

The process was initialized by "receiving" the vehicle from the transport company. This entailed a full vehicle "walk around" inspection with the delivery driver. Accompanied with video and photograph documentation of arrival condition and a detailed report back to the owner. The vehicle did have a previously installed full vehicle wrap. Albeit protected, the previous film quality was lackluster in clarity and had begun to yellow. Thieving the brilliance from the factory GT Silver Metallic paint finish.

Paint Protection Preparation

As with all the paint protection projects that come thru our doors, each car is prefaced and prepared with a full foam bath and exterior detail. The washing processional is a head to toe (saving the dirtiest panels of a car and wheels for last) multi-step process using pH neutral soaps, a foam cannon, and two bucket wash method. Utilizing the softest microfiber wash mitts, detailing brushes for small cracks and crevices, and brushes for everything all the way down to the wheel faces, spokes and inner rims or barrels when accessible. Typically included within this wash and prep process (when not previously covered in paint protection film) is a full vehicle clay bar to address any dirt nibs. Along with a chemically treated full decontamination to remove tar deposits, iron fallout and iron rich metallic contaminants. Post washing, the vehicle is touch-less dried with a high powered handheld blower and followed with a ultra plush microfiber drying towel for any residual water droplets.

Old PPF Removal

Paint protection film has emphatically evolved over the years due to issues with the initial adhesives showing signs of yellowing and suffering from UV oxidation. This adhesive layer, built within the TPU construct of the plastic pliable film, is what adheres the film to the surface of the vehicle. There are still some subpar films out there, however most reputable high quality modern day films are now days constructed with acrylic UV resistant adhesives to avoid this old school issue.

The removal of previously installed film can be somewhat a painstaking and tedious process. The PPF (paint protection film) on each individual body panel is slowly steamed, to gently warm and loosen the adhesive of the film. And then carefully and precisely peeled away at a specific 45 degree angle. With a full vehicle wrap, this step can take multiple hours, or even days to complete.

Amazingly, once all of the old film was removed from this awe-inspiring Carrera GT, the natural brightness of the factory paint finish began to reveal itself.

Paint Enhancement

Once the old paint protection film was removed from the entire car, a light polish was performed. Similar to the dissected process of the old film removal, one body panel at a time, hence the polishing process transpired in the same manner from nose-to-tail.

Preceding the polishing however, time is carved out for taping off and safeguarding neighboring body parts such as emblems, trim pieces, moldings, etc. with painters tape. True care and delicacy with a vehicle never skips this step, regardless of how tenured or skilled a technician is. Building a reputation of quality over quantity has always been the driving force of our business principles.

The vehicle is again re-washed to remove any residual polishing compound or dust before turning the page to the next chapter..."Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film Wrap".

Post Installation Image - photo credit Tori.Enyart.Media

Full Vehicle "Nose to Tail" Paint Protection Film Wrap

The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day", couldn't be more akin to this Porsche Carrera GT project. Careful planning and a methodical approach went into the mapping of the paint protection film installation. With such a high caliber vehicle, the thought of any visible edges or seams would've been a complete adulteration to the more desired factory finish esthetic.

Meticulous attention to detail with each body panel while fully wrapping all body panel edges required patience and almost a Michelangelo meets Sistine Chapel approach. Segmenting the vehicle into tiers, the film was installed bonnet to boot or as we refer to it as, "Nose to Tail".

Complete custom installation included an un-compromising inclusion of even a few of the following more specialized aspects;

  • Removable carbon fiber roof panels

  • Seamless upper and inner underbellies of the arches at the rear of the cabin, just before the heart of the beast where the mid-engine resides.

  • Full carbon fiber monocoque door sills and jams

  • 'Carrera GT' door sill kick plates

  • Full rear engine bay lid (not including mesh grating over engine bay).

  • Full seamless door panels requiring special stretch technique of the film over and around the mirrors and then re-shrunk to remain invisible around the mirror stalk.

The following series of photographs (courtesy of (tori.enyart.media) are post installation.

PPF Specific Ceramic Coating

This CGT (Carrera GT) was fully wrapped and protected with SunTek Ultra 10 Yr Warranty paint protection film. We've been proud to install and represent this film over other like manufactured and warranted films such as XPEL or 3M, for it's higher levels of clarity and hydrophobic characteristics. Additional to the arsenal of clarity and hydro-resistance, SunTek's self healing properties and 8 mils thick construct continue to make it a top contender against it's competitors.

The cherry on top of the full vehicle wrap, was to maximize the UV resistance and maintenance ease, and create an additional barrier for water or solvent penetration with a PPF specific ceramic coating. PPF specific ceramic coatings are developed for the more porous film substrate vs.the factory paint substrate. This does not alter the self healing properties or warranty of the film itself and in fact boosts the performance of water sheeting by creating an even lower surface energy.

The Creme de la Creme of Full Vehicle Protection

There is absolutely no more ideal, all encompassing or more purposeful full vehicle coverage than what this Porsche CGT opus received. With 100% piece of mind the owner can drive it to it's full potential, assuming he's feeling lionhearted enough to open the Pandora's box of car rage.

The bull of a machine will be fully protected from rock chips or any other flying matter (insects, road debris, etc.) when traveling at high speeds of acceleration which will be undoubtedly inevitable. The lustrous paint finish completely protected against damaging UV rays and oxidation, or even chemical staining from mucky water splashes while driving. And the owner may just want to forego the diaper rubbing all together, to experience the full slickness and glossy ease of maintenance provided by the ceramic coating. Voila!!

Check out our YouTube Channel New Image PPF to view footage of this "Porsche Carrera GT Protection Project" and other Paint Protection Projects.

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