Paint Protection Film: Quality vs. Quantity

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The modern world it seems, has trained instant gratification and greedy motives to drive some business models. Big box style production and a mentality for turn and burn methods are evidently even more present in larger markets where competition is steep. We've seen this first hand within our niche industry of paint protection film and installation services.

As with anything, there can be a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience as well as varying levels of interest or passion. We feel it's important to stand by four key pillars within our business principles. Our philosophy is that in by doing so, our services and what we offer will stand apart from our competition and make us unique.

True Passion

The first pillar, which is what initially brought us to opening our doors with each of our partners and key role players, was our shared passion for automobiles. We believe that when you can lead your business with something you truly have an undying interest and passion for, it enables you to always go the extra mile. It's safe to say that on a daily basis, we lead our paint protection package consultations with asking ourselves, if it were our car "What would we do?"

Part of the enthusiasm is also for the process itself. It is gratifying to help others be able to be proud of and protect their vehicles. To see the before and after of bringing a car to life with enhanced gloss and shine and a sense of security, and help each owner somewhat showcase their vehicle, is rewarding.

We equally value the history behind each of the vehicles. For some, the history is short and it's more of a story about someone's current life circumstances. For others, especially for more of the collector and vintage vehicles, the history of the vehicle can be quite incredible and extensive in detail. Almost as if the car itself, has its own identity and biographical lineage.

Customer Satisfaction & Building Lasting Relationships

It's fun to be able to say we've developed relationships and obvious shared interests now with our clients. This may be a bi-product of our efforts in trying to treat each of our clients as fellow automotive enthusiasts, instead of as just a number or transaction. We want our customers to feel individually cared about and as if they're walking thru our doors into an extension of our own homes (or garages).

This relationship building drive permeates into how we guide paint protection packages. From initial greetings, the package solution is mentored toward each owner's individual lifestyle. Is your car a daily driver that you simply want to protect generalized areas so that it helps maintain the value should you ever trade it for something else? Perhaps, this is your weekend driver that you like to cruise scenic highways with? Maybe, in two fold you want to protect your vehicle but also want to feel unique and different with the esthetic appearance? Any and all scenarios are out there and each call for their own budget, prioritization in style and protection.

Experience Matters

This is one of the four key pillars we feel drastically sets us apart from others in our same service realm. Matt Matthew, partner and lead installer, has been installing and honing his craft for more than 20 years. Over the course of two decades Matt has become proficient in several methods of installation; bulk style method and pre-cut template method. We feel that having knowledge and proficiency in both methods as well as a sound understanding of the template cutting software and plotter, allows us to satisfy a broader spectrum of coverage needs.

What we always maintain as a priority, is to install film on all the vehicles as cleanly and seamlessly as possible and have the least amount of visible edges. We feel as automotive enthusiasts, that your protection on your vehicle doesn't need to be a statement, unless of course you opt to protect with a full vehicle matte/satin film. It should however, be something that you know is there and gives you peace of mind. Having paint protection film on your vehicle should enable the satisfaction that your car is maintaining better value.

As a visual example, we've taken a few photos of cars that have come thru our doors. Some of them seeking our services for poorly installed corrections and re-applications, and others that decided they needed more protection then what was initially installed.

Visual Examples

In this first example, you can see that the vehicle was given a template style paint protection film installation on the hood of the car. There are several aspects to point out here. The first being that the template (pre-cut) piece of film leaves an exposed gap between the film and edge of the vehicle body panel. The chip in the paint on the front edge of this hood sticks out like a sore thumb.

That's not to say that all template style installations are bad. If the installer is versed with the plotting software (film specific cutting software, which cuts film pieces specific to year, make and model), there are options within the software to cut each templated piece out so there is a large enough margin to be able to completely wrap the edge of the panel it's being applied on.

Secondly, these next two mirror pictures show not only a templated piece of film that lacks complete coverage, but also a section where the reflector shows horrible hand cutting lines.

Not only, can you see the collection of dirt and debris underneath the edges of the templated piece since it doesn't fully wrap the mirror. But the cut lines are incredibly jagged and uneven. The pictures beg the question of why this installation was done hurriedly and haphazardly? Or was it performed by an in-experienced installer? Lastly, what manufactured film was installed? As you can see the yellowing haze of the film on this vehicle's white paint. We only choose to stand behind film manufacturers that offer what we feel are the best in the industry for gloss, clarity, orange peel, hydrophobic and self healing properties.

Visual Comparisons

Here are a few pictures from another white vehicle that we recently protected for comparison purposes. We strongly believe that once you (the consumer) know better, you do better. And hopefully, it will be instantly recognizable as to why, we do our best to always fully wrap body panels. More so, why consumers should want to make sure they're getting the best coverage when shopping around.

Fully wrapped mirrors

Each body panel on this Tesla was fully wrapped with a transformative gloss to Prestige Satin Guard paint protection film. This bulk style fully wrapped method is even more critical when it comes to transforming a factory gloss finish to a matte or satin finish. Without fully wrapped panels that are installed via bulk method (large pieces of film custom cut to each body panel) there can be tendencies to see minute glossy areas that peek from under seams and templated edges. However, you may not even guess (unless you knew better) that this Tesla didn't come from the factory this way. And we feel, that's how paint protection film should be...virtually un detectable.

Circling back to the initial debate of quality over quantity, we'd like to gently suggest not shopping around solely by price. Sure, there are all budgets out there and varying extents of film coverage. But, regardless of either, the installation should be quality and customer driven. There is nothing wrong with asking how much experience an installer has. Or what installation methodology will be utilized.

We rely on long standing relationships and word of mouth. These two business incentives simply don't stand if the installation isn't worthy, the film products sub-par and the service un-professional. If you are a consumer who wants the best quality for the monetary price tag, then give us a call!

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