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Paint Protection Services

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Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, commonly known as "clear bra",  is one of the first lines of defense in terms of your vehicle's paint finish.  The 8 mil protective film barrier helps to maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle paint finishes and can be customized with either a high-gloss or matte appearance finish.  


The high-gloss finish option has superior optical clarity and matches the natural paint color of the vehicle. While the matte finish adds a transformative flat finish upgrade.  We install and stand behind only the highest quality paint protection film manufacturers, such as STEK Dynoshield.  This 10 yr warranty film is best in class for their technological advancements, optical clarity, hydro-resistanance & self healing properties.  

With 20+ year installation tenure, we have the ability and proficiency with installing what's called "bulk" installation style as well as "pre-cut" installation method using a 60" Graphtec plotter via state of the art pattern cutting software programs. However, we like to educate our clients on the differences between both methods for customization and a detailed fit and finish.  


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Window Tint

Installing window tint on your vehicle offers style and cosmetic enhancements.  


However, beyond image, it also provides privacy and additional comfort inside the vehicle thru heat and infrared rejection. And protects the interior surfaces and passengers from harmful UV Rays and fading. 

Passengers may choose from a range of 8 different shades in either of SunTek Window films Carbon Series or their Ceramic IR Series.  Each offer a luxurious level of protection and comfort. You can drive with a sound mind knowing that you'll be protected against exposure from 99% of UV Rays.  


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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating is a long term nano-scopic exterior protectant and paint treatment that forms an ultra durable, high gloss and slick to the touch chemically bonded layer of optically clear ceramic.  The high density ceramic layer offers multiple benefits to vehicle paint finishes including;


  • protection from environmental hazards and adds resistance to road salt, wash chemicals and contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots

  • hydrophobic water repellent properties

  • UV barrier against air and oxidation

  • enhanced shine and paint depth appearance

  • self-cleaning effect and aids in prevention against water spotting

  • significantly improves resistance to micro-marring

  • makes cleaning and maintenance easier on the owner.

All of our Ceramic Coating applications may be applied singularly by itself or in addition to a pre-applied paint protection film.  You can choose between various vehicle coverage options and combinations of either.

Paint Correction at New Image Paint Prot
Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a process which involves reducing or removing imperfections in the vehicle clear coat and 'restoring' it to better than original condition. Imperfections such as surface scratches, fine marring, oxidation, swirls, hazing, or bird etchings, can be significantly reduced and often completely eliminated with paint correction.  Paint correction can transform your vehicle's paint finish to a buttery smooth and high gloss shine.

We offer varying levels of paint correction.  From new car details, single step and basic polishes, to major multi stage correction to bring back the life of your car.  

Additionally, paint correction is an essential step during the ceramic coatings process.  This critical preparatory step should be done prior to applying nano ceramic coatings.  It enables covalent bond adherence between the paint and the coatings themselves. 

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