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Clear Bra Installation
Englewood Colorado

New Image Paint Protection has over 20 years of experience giving your car the look and care it needs. Specializing in exotic cars, collector cars, Tesla, Porsche and new car makes and models. They’re the place to go for the newest look or to spruce up its already beautiful exterior. New Image Paint Protection does not only specialize in paint for your car, but also in paint protection film & clear bra, ceramic coating and window tint. A true one-stop-shop to make your car is as stunning as it could possibly be. They are the leading PPF Installation shop in Englewood, Colorado.

PPF, which stands for Paint Protection Film, is a widely popular service that car connoisseurs love. PPF is a clear film that goes over the car's paint to further protect it from chipping, scratches, bug splatters and more. This is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to protecting the paint on your vehicle. This can be either customized or either in a high-gloss or matte finish.

The high-gloss polyurethane film actually matches the color of the vehicle. The matte finish adds a flat finish upgrade. This is an 8mil protective film that is sure to maintain the beauty of the car. New Image Paint Protection relies on two main film
manufacturers, SunTek Ultra 10 Yr Warranty Film and Prestige ClearGuard Alpha. The companies were chosen due to their optical clarity, self healing properties and hydro-resistance. They continue to exceed other companies in the field.

With over 20 years of experience, New Image has the ability to install what's called a "bulk" installation method as well as the "pre-cut" method using a 60" Graphtec plotter via TruCut pattern cutting software. These are top of the line methods that set New Image PPF Installation in Englewood, Colorado apart from their competitors. New Image also educates their clients on the differences between the two methods for customization options and a detailed lift and finish.

Window Tints are also an option at New Image. Not only does this offer style and cosmetic advantages, but it also offers privacy and comfort while inside the vehicle. It also serves as a protectant for your car’s interior, as it blocks out 99% of UV rays so the interior doesn’t fade. There are 8 different shades the customer can choose from. All options offer a
luxury feel and a great level of protection.

Another service PPF Installation in Englewood, Colorado provides is ceramic coating. This is a nano-scopic exterior protectant and treatment for the paint on your car. It’s a high gloss, durable protectant that protects your car from external forces such as weather, road salt, wash chemicals, tree sap and more. It also prevents water spotting and is an extra UV barrier so your paint color doesn’t fade. This also makes cleaning and maintenance of the car much easier for the owner! On top of all these benefits, it also gives the car an enhanced shine and paint depth appearance.

New Image Paint Protection PPF Installation in Englewood, Colorado is the place to go for preventative maintenance and image improvement for your beloved, top of the line car. Visit today for great prices, awesome customer service and top quality car servicing.

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