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With over 20+ years installation tenure, we have the ability to create bespoke and custom make/model specific packages.  This includes proficiency with installing what's called "bulk" installation style, as well as "pre-cut" installation method.

Backed by manufacturer 10-year limited warranties, each of our chosen film manufacturers provide a self-healing & hydrophobic top coat.  We've specifically chosen to install Suntek Ultra, and STEK Dynoshield due to their leading qualities for clarity, gloss, resilience, hydrophobic top TPU layers, and overall performance.


Paint protection film will help protect your vehicle from damage caused by rocks and road debris, salt, insects, stains and other solvents.  With more than 20 years experience in the industry we can help assess which one of our popular PPF packages is appropriate for your vehicle.  We're also happy to help with deciding whether your needs require a more custom and individualized film coverage installation.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film


Purpose Driven Facility

  • Radiant Heat - no down or cross draft HVAC blowing particulates into the air.

  • Indoor Floor Drains - NEVER any outside details or installations.

  • WEN Air Filtration Systems - to eliminate and capture air particulates and prevent dust, lint, etc. from getting trapped underneath film or within ceramic coatings.

  • STRATUS hydraulic automotive lift for thorough installations on lower body panel areas. I.E. Lower rocker panels, front bumpers and cowlings.

  • Secured & monitored Facility.

Porsche 911 PPF at New Image Paint Prote
G-Wagon hydrophobic.JPG

Hydrophobic Properties

A water resistant, or what's known as "hydrophobic" top coat, increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the surface of the film and your vehicle.  This makes maintenance much easier on the vehicle's owner. And performs similarly to a ceramic coating application.  

Extra Endurance

Vehicle finishes stay fresh & flawless longer with paint protection film coverage. Also known as "clear bra", the optically clear layer shields against damages caused by rock chips and road debris, road salt, insects, and other harmful road solvents.  The scientifically formulated film is backed by a 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty.


Self Healing

Paint protection film has a proprietary self healing TPU layer clear coat that is nearly invisible. It is scratch and crack resistant with either a tansformative matte or high gloss finish. Surface marring and penetrations in the film self heal thru heat transmitted via the engine or sun.  


We have installation skill & proficiency in several techniques.  For "pre-cut" paint protection film, we use a 60" Graphtec plotter and state of the art pattern cutting software, specific to a vehicles year, make and model.


A "bulk" film installation means using large sheets of film that are hand-cut specific to the body lines of your vehicle.  Contrary to common myth, this does NOT always mean cutting with a blade on top of the paint.  More so, with the proper technical installer education, is a refined technique that is honed thru years of experience. 

We don't believe in one method being superior over another or broadly applicable to every individual, vehicle, or desire of coverage and budget.  We do believe in treating each car and driver's needs specificities.  We also encourage consumers to seek education on other installers methods and experience history and age if shopping around.  Tenure and over two decades of experience is rare! 

New Image Paint Protection Porsche 911 Turbo PPF Installation.jpg

Paint Protection Film Packages

11. stek - usa - red and black.jpg

Partial Front PPF Package

  • 24" Hood

  • Full Front Bumper

  • Fender Tips

  • Headlights

  • Mirrors

  • Door Cups


Package Price Starts At:

  • $1450 (some exclusions apply for specific makes & models)


* A la carte Add-On vehicle panel pieces & pricing available.

Full Front

PPF Package

  • Full Hood

  • Full Front Bumper

  • Full Fenders

  • Headlights

  • Mirrors

  • Door Cups


Package Price Starts at:

  • $1850 (some exclusions apply for specific makes & models

* A la carte Add-On vehicle panel pieces & pricing available.

Track & High Impact PPF Package

  • Full Hood

  • Full Front Bumper

  • Full Fenders

  • Lower Rockers

  • Rear Fender Guards and Splash Guards

  • Roofline

  • Headlights

  • Mirrors

  • Door Cups


Package Price Starts at:

  • $2500 (some exclusions apply for specific makes & models)

* A la carte Add-On vehicle panel pieces & pricing available.

Full Vehicle

PPF Wrap

  • Entire Car is Fully Wrapped

  • Fully Wrapped Body Panels

  • Available in Clear Gloss or Matte and Satin finish films.


Pricing available upon request.


Bespoke or Custom installations available upon request.

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