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The Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

Ceramic Coating

Porsche Carrera 4S Ceramic Coating Application at New Image Paint Protection

A Ceramic coating application creates a deeper shine and spectacular reflection.  It enhances appearance of paint depth, gloss, and slickness.

Ceramic Coatings are optically clear and offer a long term nano-scopic exterior protectant and paint treatment.  The sacrificial layer is ultra durable, and slick to the touch.  Our various levels of coatings, significantly improve resistance to micro-marring and scratching.

A Ceramic Coating may be applied singularly by itself or in addition to a pre-applied paint protection film.  You can choose between various vehicle coverage options and combinations of either.

Water Repellent

The ceramic liquid glass coating barrier offers water repellency, and a self-cleaning effect. 

Hydrophobic properties enable water run-off and helps to reduce mineral or hard water deposits.

Ceramic Coating Paint Properties


Protects from Elements

A ceramic coating creates a flexible but durable physical barrier which prevents paint from coming into contact with air, damaging UV rays and helps resists oxidation.  The high gloss invisible shield protects from environmental hazards and is resistant to road salts, wash chemicals and contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and insect proteins.  

AVehicle Staple

Whether a vehicle is a daily driver, an exotic weekend toy, or needs general winter protection, ceramic coatings offer a durable protective layer against surface scratches, marring, and environmental effects. It is a definite protection measure that can be layered upon paint protection film for an all inclusive paint protection package.

ICON Bronco Matte PPF & Ceramic Coating
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