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Paint Correction Options & Descriptions

Basic Polish

Audi S3 basic polish.jpg

Basic Polish

An All-In-One paint correct, polish, and sealant for vehicles that don't require full paint correction. Geared to bring the gloss and shine back to the paintwork without breaking the bank.

Basic Polish Description

A Basic Polish or "All-In-One" polish is exactly what it sounds like.  It includes both correction and paint rejuvenation in one single process.  

This is a great option to add shine and gloss back to lifeless paint finishes. Excellent for a vehicle budget without diving into a more in depth and time consuming paint correction.

A great affordable option for a 50-60% defect removal.  It is a great way to spruce up and bring a little life back to your paint finish. 

Includes topping off with a 3 month sealant.

Starting Retail Price: $350 - $450


Time Taken: 2 - 3 hours

Full Process

  • Wheels cleaned; front facing, behind-spokes and inner-rim.

  • Wheel arches flushed.

  • Exterior wash process using a foam cannon followed by a two bucket wash system and pH neutral shampoo/foam.

  • Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated.

  • Full vehicle clay bar to remove any remaining surface contaminants.

  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush, ultra soft microfibre drying towels.

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips. 

  • Machine polished with an All-in-one correct, polish, and protectant to rejuvenate hazy or dull paint finishes.

  • Single layer of paint sealant applied.

  • Glass cleaned throughout.

  • Trim/britework/tires dressed and protected as necessary including tailpipes.

Recommended Protection Upgrades

A Paint Protection Film Package to protect your rejuvenated paint finish.

New Image Paint Protection Care Care Kit:

$125 + tax

Includes: 5 Gal wash bucket, Gamma Seal and Lid, Grit Guard, Microfiber Wash Mitt, pH neutral GWash soap, large microfiber drying towel, C2 6 mos. spray on liquid sealant, 2 microfiber detailing towels. 

We're happy to talk you thru the best methods for hand washing and after care.

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