About Us



Founder  & Lead Installer

Matt has more than 25 years experience in the industry.  His expertise combines 20 years experience installing paint protection film and over 25 years tenure installing window film.  He has acquired years of wisdom and skill specifically with high end exotic installations such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche to name a few. The name, "New Image", came from a grass roots window tint installation business Matt established in his earlier days back in Iowa. He enjoys mountain biking in his spare time.



Founder & Project Manager

Corrie's background doesn't naturally lend itself to a stereotypical evolution towards her role as managing partner of  New Image.  She comes from a background with over two decades experience as a clinical massage therapist specializing in orthopedic massage and manual sports medicine. Additionally, she served for 8 years as the Head Cross Country Coach at a 4A school district in Iowa, and was awarded Coach of the Year amongst both the Metro area high schools as well as the State of Iowa regional district.  Corrie's life's principles are to never stop challenging herself or expanding her knowledge and personal experiences, while striving to always achieve the best from herself.  



Founder & Business Development

Joel comes from a background of more than 18+ years automotive collision repair and restoration services.   He currently still owns and operates Golden Hammer Collision Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Joel brings his high standards of car care, showmanship and attention to detail, to New Image Paint Protection's more proactive approach to automotive excellence.  He has been described by some as a "car connoisseur" for his deep passion and interest in the automotive world. 

New Image Paint Protection company was developed from a truly genuine and unwavering passion for all things cars.  Each of the owners and members involved have had their own fair share of personal passion projects.  Mutually, our love for cars has created a bi-product of respect for what we offer to others with our business services entailing vehicle paint protection;  paint protection film, window film and ceramic coating installation.

Matt will humbly acknowledge his experience and expertise in the installation realm, if you ask him.  However, it is rare these days to find an installer with as many years experience as he has, a background with as genuine an interest in the detail, and the skill level to trust with perhaps one of your most prized possessions.

Corrie has supported her husband's collision repair business, which he still currently owns in Iowa, with several different roles thru-out the years.  She has organically developed an affection for the art and prestige of the automotive industry.  Thru natural osmosis of being married to an automotive enthusiast, Corrie has grown to value and understand that a person's vehicle can often times be considered an extension of their identity. 

Joel has also spent plenty of time in the garage, so to speak.  His first true project was a 1993 Toyota Supra.  With the vision of maintaining the car as a "sleeper", non-assuming on the outside but high performance on the inside, the car ended up being tuned to 1000 hp.  His current project includes a 1993 Notchback Mustang Restomod.  Amongst the many myriads and ranges of cars he's owned, he considers himself these days as a dabbler in all things Porsche 911.