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Ceramic  Coating  -  Paint Protection Film &  Clear Bra  - Window Tint

Porsche Paint Protection at New Image Pa
Porsche Paint Protection at New Image Pa

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With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of Denver area's most experienced installers of paint protection film & clear bra, ceramic coatings and window films.  We are a professional and factory certified installer with a secured and purpose driven facility.  Our products and services are backed by manufacture warranties.

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Clear Bra Installation at New Image PPF Englewood CO

We want to best serve YOU, and understand that each vehicle and owner's needs are unique.  Click on each of the links below to learn more about each of our automotive paint protection services. Whether ceramic coating and paint correction, paint protection film or window tint, we can customize a protection solution specific to your vehicle!

Clear Bra &

Paint Protection Film is a Vehicle's First Line of Defense

Paint Protection Film, commonly known as "clear bra",  is one of the first lines of defense in terms of your vehicle's paint finish.  The 8 mil protective film barrier helps to maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle paint finishes by shielding against rock chips, road debris damage and surface scratching. Paint protection film can be customized with either a high-gloss or matte appearance finish.  


The high-gloss polyurethane film has superior optical clarity and matches the natural paint color of the vehicle. While the matte finish adds a transformative flat finish upgrade.  We install and stand behind only the highest quality paint protection film manufacturers - SunTek Ultra, and STEK Dynoshield.  Our chosen paint protection films exceed with their qualities for optical clarity, hydrophobicTPU constructs & self healing properties. 


Paint Protection film will also protect your vehicle's paint from harmful UV rays, which can contribute to clear coat oxidation and breakdown. The hydrophobic top layer of TPU creates a barrier against contamination from water marks, insects, bird droppings, road oils, exhaust smoke, and pollutants that create stains.  

With over 20+ years installation tenure, we have the ability to create bespoke and custom make/model specific packages.  This includes proficiency with installing what's called "bulk" installation style, as well as "pre-cut" installation method.  Our professional template style PPF installations utilize a 60" Graphtec plotter and state of the art PPF pattern cutting software. With just over two decades experience, we're also proud to be able to offer proficient and strategically thought out custom "bulk" style installations.  However, we like to educate and cater to our clients when choosing between both methods for customization and a detailed fit and finish.  \

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Google Review

Did a lot of research of various installers, ppf/tint manufacturers, and ceramic coatings when for a new M3 xDrive. Went and toured a couple shops including New Image and asked a lot of questions. Think I talked to Corrie 5 different times on the phone before choosing them. There were a few things I was looking for 1) dust control - New Image has radiant heat and filtration as you’d hope 2) skilled installer - Matt has been doing it for I think two decades so he’s really good and it’s not a factory with 6 different installers….you get the best 3) great products - I didn’t care for the orange peel look of XPEL, and self healing and hydrophobic properties of STEK are top of the line. You can’t see them. 4) amazing customer service from Corrie - they even met me on a Saturday night so I could drive straight from dealer to New Image to keep it protected and minimize risks of rock chips, and answered my 200 different questions. The final product was amazing. The ppf couldn’t be seen on any corners like you get with the pre-cut places, the wrap underneath the panels was really well done and seated down. The tint was perfectly installed and the ceramic coat was absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend New Image to anyone who is wanting to protect a vehicle for a long time, and cares about a more boutique experience compared to the shops doing 6 cars/day.


—  David Cannelongo

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